Explore your SQL database

Reltron is a different kind of database viewer.

It’s a work in progress that we — Kevin and Jamie — are just sharing with our friends for now. (Please don’t post on Hacker News.)

Updates and announcements on the Reltron mailing list.

More background on Kevin’s website.

Note: You may need to run brew install openssl@1.1 on some versions of OS X to run Reltron.

Write us at We’d love to grab a Skype.

Quickly explore your data

Connect to any SQLite or Postgres database.

See results update live, as you type.

Create reports

Select exactly the columns you want to see, and rearrange easily with drag and drop.

Export JSON

Just want to grab some data to do an analysis, without fighting an ORM? Select what you want and export as JSON, preserving your data’s hierarchical structure as nested arrays and objects.


2019 Feb 1, Release 719

2019 Jan 3, Release 711

2018 Nov 11, Release 580

2018 Oct 8