Type stuff, find things. No mousing.

Finda finds things — windows, browser tabs, code editor buffers, iTerm terminals, browser history, apps, files, etc. — in under 16 milliseconds.

Finda works on OS X 10.9 and newer.

See the setup instructions for a full list of what you can find, the download page for all versions and a change log, and the purchase page if you found Finda valuable and think it’s fair to support its development.

Type things

Bring up Finda from anywhere using a global shortcut (customizable, Ctrl-\ by default).

Type as many terms as you need (they’ll match out of order).

Results appear faster than you can type, so keep typing! (I type until there’s a single result, since that’s faster than moving the selection.)

Smart ranking + Easy narrowing

Results are ranked to prioritize “open” results (like windows and tabs rather than history and files), as well as by how well they match (number of term occurances, terms on word boundaries, etc.)

Sources can be toggled via shortcut, which makes it easy to narrow for specific results. (Hold Command to see all shortcuts.)

Results only change when you change the query — not when you scroll through them — so a new one will never appear directly underneath you just as you are selecting. (Not naming any names, since basically every search program gets this wrong.)

Results in 16ms or your money back.

Did you know computers are fast? True fact.

Finda uses vectorized CPU instructions and bitmap indexes to search in-memory results, and never waits on the disk or network.

Furthermore, Finda is developed and used by the author exclusively on a circa 2013 MacBook Air. If you have a newer or more powerful computer, it’ll be even faster.

A tool you can trust

Finda is an entirely self-contained desktop app.

It never sends queries to external servers.

It never downloads San Francisco hipster amounts of data in the background when you’re on a third world, pay-per-GB cellular connection.

It never automatically updates itself to change hotkeys, add social gamification features, or force upon you a groundbreaking visual brand identity.

Lets be clear about this relationship: You pay for Finda, you type things, it finds them. No VC, no BS.

Questions / Suggestions

Want Finda to find a different kind of thing? Have a high-speed camera recording showing Finda taking longer than 16ms to process a keystroke? I’d love to hear from you! Write me at